18 Hours of FREE MCLE All Beverly Hills Bar Association members receive 18 Hours of FREE MCLE OnDemand.Each package includes Instructions to Receive CLE Credit in California; Video Files, playable on your computer; phone or tablet; and PDF Materials for each CLE program. Courses included are listed below. Substance Abuse, Trauma & Alternative Sentencing 1 Hour of Competence Issues Credit This program will discuss common competence issues and its interplay in the criminal justice system. It will also cover mental health treatment for clients from teens through seniors. Kill The Bias, Resolve The Conflict 1 Hour of Elimination of Bias Credit This seminar will discuss the biases that attorneys or mediators may have that might cause or contribute to disputes. It will also provide the participants with some tools to prevent future problems. Significant Developments in Lawyer Law 2 Hours of Legal Ethics Credit One of California’s leading authorities on the laws governing lawyers will survey the important cases and developments and discuss several regulatory proposals that foretell changes in the practice of law. How To Avoid Improper Billing Practices 1.5 Hours of General Credit, inc. 0.5 Hours of Legal Ethics In this highly educational and interactive program, Gerald F. Phillips will explore What You Should have Learned in Law School; What are the Most Widely Used Improper Billing Practices; What is Block Billing and How to Avoid this Mostly Used Improper Billing Method; The Minimum Number of Billing Hours Required in Some Firms and How it Affects Associates; How to Avoid State Bar Discipline through Ethical Billing; How to Provide Proper Description of the Services Rendered; and How to Rekindle Pride in the Legal Profession. Nuts and Bolts of Contract Drafting 1.5 Hours of General Credit, inc. 0.5 Hours of Legal Ethics This interactive MCLE program teaches you: How to Write a Preamble, Recitals, Words of Agreement, Definitions, Parties’ Rights, Obligations and Discretions, Formula, Indemnification Provisions, Representations and Warranties Provisions, Declaration Provisions, other General Provisions and How to ETHICALLY protect yourself from potential or actual conflicts of interest. Ethics, Elimination of Bias, Competence Issues Time-Life Management for the Law Professional 1 Hour of General Credit This program guarantees that you will never achieve balance. However, Cynthia Pasternak’s realistic approach to the many problems and suggestions for tackling the time-life conundrum will help you find happiness and fulfillment as a legal professional. General Subjects Get My Stuff Off the Web! 1 Hour of General Credit The panel discussion will feature the hottest internet piracy topics and solutions, including: "Takedown Letters" for copyright (DMCA) and trademark misuse and more. The Future of the Legal Profession 1 Hour of General Credit A special program on the Future of the Legal Profession addressing factors impacting lawyers, law firms and bar associations. Entity Formation: Why You Should Not Use LLC’s in Every Situation? 1 Hour of General Credit This program will provide a brief overview of the factors to consider in choosing a business form, including liability exposure, ease of operation and tax considerations. O’Clients, Where Art Thou? Strategies for Building Your Law Practice 1 Hour of General Credit Lawyers are great at representing others, but sometimes they can be clueless as to how to market and promote themselves. iPad/Tablets for Lawyers: Maximizing Your Mobile Office 1.5 Hours of General Credit This program will illustrate how tablets can streamline your case management and boost your productivity. And the Oscar Goes to...An Attorney? 1 Hour of General Credit With so many different backgrounds and education levels represented, how does one present an argument that could be unambiguously convincing? Accounts Receivable Management for Lawyers 1 Hour of General Credit This program will discuss policies and procedures that can be utilized in law firms to reduce the occasion of aged receivables and also what collection procedures should be used when clients do not pay. See Official Rules for Details: Understanding Promotions, Contests & Sweepstakes Law 1 Hour of General Credit A lively discussion that will cover laws governing sweepstakes and contests, along with best practices for designing and implementing social media promotions across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other laws that often come into play when advising clients on promotions. Stand Out From The Crowd: Best Practices for Attaining Your Dream Job 1.5 Hours of General Credit Are you looking for a new or better job? Are you thinking about adding new attorneys to your growing practice? JOIN NOW 18 Hours of FREE MCLE OnDemand is accessible by logging into your online account and clicking Access Your Free 18 Hours of MCLE.