Beverly Hills Bar Association Staff 2015-2016

Marc R. Staenberg
Chief Executive Officer
Pamela J. Weston
Director of Programs and Events
Dani Barr
Supervisor, Personnel Referral Service, Permanent & Temporary Placements

Tel: (310) 601-2430 Fax: (310) 601-2431
Marian Miller
Director Communications & Marketing

Judie Phillips
Administrator, Lawyer Referral & Information Service

Tel: (310) 601-2440 Fax: (310) 601-2441

Carl H. Sinclair
Elaine S. Glass
Administrator, Mandatory Fee Arbitration
Tel: (310) 601-2442 Fax: (310) 601-2441

Genna Kluchnikov
Director of Member Services

PJ Stratton
Assistant to the Controller & Store Manager
Michael Nañawa
Director of Information Technology
Katy Gould
Assistant to the Controller
Shelley Rosen
Associate, Programs and Events

Juan Gonzales
Coordinator, Lawyer Referral & Information Service

Janice Jackson
Office Manager/Assistant to CEO

Jamaal Warren
Administrative Services

Jose Medina
Manager of Administrative Services

Nicholas Chambers
Audio Visual and IT Support Technician
Sara Mallen
Office Location
9420 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3169

Tel: (310) 601-2422 Fax: (310) 601-2423