Beverly Hills Bar Association Staff 2015-2016

Marc R. Staenberg
Chief Executive Officer
Pamela J. Weston
Director of Programs and Events
Dani Barr
Supervisor, Personnel Referral Service, Permanent & Temporary Placements

Tel: (310) 601-2430 Fax: (310) 601-2431
Marian Miller
Director Communications & Marketing

Judie Phillips
Administrator, Lawyer Referral & Information Service

Tel: (310) 601-2440 Fax: (310) 601-2441

Carl H. Sinclair
Elaine S. Glass
Administrator, Mandatory Fee Arbitration
Tel: (310) 601-2442 Fax: (310) 601-2441

Genna Kluchnikov
Director of Member Services

PJ Stratton
Assistant to the Controller & Store Manager
Michael Nañawa
Director of Information Technology
Katy Gould
Assistant to the Controller
Shelley Rosen
Associate, Programs and Events

Juan Gonzales
Coordinator, Lawyer Referral & Information Service

Janice Jackson
Office Manager/Assistant to CEO

Jamaal Warren
Administrative Services

Jose Medina
Manager of Administrative Services

Nicholas Chambers
Audio Visual and IT Support Technician
Deborah Higginbotham
Receptionist/Programs & Events
Office Location
9420 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3169

Tel: (310) 601-2422 Fax: (310) 601-2423