Community Service Programs

Roxbury Park Legal ClinicLegal Literacy & Community Service

The Foundation, an IRS 501 (c)(3) public charity, established legal literacy (educating and assisting the public as to legal rights and responsibilities) as a major goal.

The Foundation has provided grants to many unique educational and community service programs including:

  • Wills for Heroes which creates estate and trust documents for first responders
  • High School Blue Car Project which proactively demonstrates legal concepts to students
  • The LA Wilson Law Magnet High School which prepares high school students in the pursuit of legal careers
  • Citizens Law School which instructs the public about basic legal concepts and rights
  • Barristers Free Monthly Legal Clinic which gives free legal guidance to the public

Law & Justice 

Grants and funds disbursed by the Bar Foundation have also supported a diverse range of Law and Justice programs on current and historical legal issues, including:

  • Tuskegee Center Fund
  • Sylvia Mendez Project American Ideal—The Right to Vote
  • Citizens United or Divided? The Era of Talking Money and Corporate People

The Foundation also sponsored significant exhibitions and panel discussions, including:

  • Lawyers Without Rights
  • Courage—The Vision to End Segregation - The Guts to Fight For It
  • Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today
  • Henry Ford’s War on Jews and the Legal Battle Against Hate Speech

You Can Help

Through its funding of these legal literacy and community service projects, the Foundation promotes public understanding and confidence in the rule of law, the role of lawyers and the function of the judiciary. Your generosity makes these Bar Foundation programs and services possible.