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Beverly Hills Bar Association

Admission Upon Oral Motion Before the Justices

of the United States Supreme Court

Washington, D.C.

Monday, November 14, 2016

DEADLINE TO REGISTER (including full payment): SEPTEMBER 1, 2016


*Already admitted members of the Supreme Court Bar will be seated in the Attorney’s Section in the Chamber while Court is in session*

The trip officially begins Sunday evening, November 13, 2016 with a Welcome Dinner at a historical venue in the nation's capitol.

Also included in the registration are:

1) Full catered breakfast at the U.S. Supreme Court
2) MCLE luncheon;
3) Meetings with representatives on the Hill (at the availability of our representatives);
4) Transportation to the Court, to lunch and to the Capitol Building;
5) Docent lead tour of the Capitol Building;
6) Docent lead tour of the Supreme Court;
7) Attendance at Oral argument, if scheduled.

Optional tours and theatre events may be planned for Saturday, November 12, 2016, at additional cost.

Early registration for the 12th Annual BHBA Admission to the Supreme Court is $850 per applicant, and $400 per guest until July 30, 2016. Beginning August 1, 2016, registration will be $1000 per applicant and $550 per guest. Registration will close September 1, 2016.

Registration price is exclusive of the US Supreme Court Application fee ($200), airfare, hotel and other un-enumerated expenses, which are the responsibility of each attendee.

Admission to the US Supreme Court requires:

1. The Applicant to be in good standing with the Supreme Court of his or her state for at least the preceding three years; and

2. The signature of two sponsors, known personally by the Applicant, who are both members of the US Supreme Court Bar. For more information on the admission process and to obtain US Supreme Court applications, visit:

On or before SEPTEMBER 15, 2016, applicants must submit the following to the BHBA:

1. Completed U.S. Supreme Court Applications, including sponsors’ original signatures on the same page;

2. Certificates of Good Standing from the highest court in the state in which they have been admitted for a minimum of three years Do NOT submit State Bar certificates, and;

3. Checks payable to the US Supreme Court in the amount of $200;


Beverly Hills Bar Association

9420 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor,

Beverly Hills, California 90212

ATTN: US Supreme Court Trip

Registration will be honored on a first come, first served basis.

Space is limited to 25 applicants. Applicants are entitled to one guest in the Supreme Court Chamber to witness the swearing in. Because space within the Courtroom Chamber is limited, on the day of the oral admission, more than one guest per registrant may be admitted into the Chamber, but cannot be guaranteed. Seating for those additional guests during the Admission Ceremony will be determined immediately after breakfast that morning, space permitting.

Submit your completed registration form, along with your payment, to:

Beverly Hills Bar Association

9420 Wilshire Blvd, Second Floor,

Beverly Hills, California 90212

Attention: Pamela Weston

Please make registration checks payable to the BHBA and indicate "U.S. Supreme Court Admission" on the check.

Registration is on a first come, first served basis, until the maximum 25 have been received. We reserve the right, if necessary, to cancel this event upon ample notice and to return all monies received . Detailed instructions, final itinerary and trip details will be provided upon completion of the registration process and confirmation to the 25 participants. The confirmed scheduled group dates are Sunday and Monday, November 13 and 14, 2016.


50% refund upon receipt of written notice of intent to cancel by August 15, 2016.
25% refund upon receipt of written notice to intent to cancel by September 1, 2016.

Refunds are also subject to any and all fees assessed by vendor to the BHBA as a result of cancellations.

Reservations will not be held or confirmed without full payment.

For further information, contact Linda E. Spiegel, Esq. (310) 860-5181 or

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