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Societas Reverenda Committee Dinner Program
Constitutional Issues and the New President: What Will The Supreme Court Do?
Without a ninth Justice, the Supreme Court has not decided key questions on the scope of executive power and separation of powers. But as we prepare to welcome our 45th President, the Court is faced or will be faced with several cases addressing the role of the executive in our republican form of government.

This panel will delve deeply into cases in the 2015 term and pending in the 2016 term that will impact the next commander-in-chief. Topics to be discussed include:
  • The Court, in a per curiam decision, remanded the legality of the Obama Administration's policy mandating contraceptive coverage for religious non-profit organizations. Will that case return to the Court? How should it be resolved?
  • The Court deadlocked four to four on the legality of President Obama's executive order creating a quasi-legal status for certain undocumented immigrants. Will that case return to the Court? What is the likely outcome?
  • In National Labor Relations Board v. SW General, Inc., the Court will decide when the President may nominate someone to perform a high-level federal office in an "acting" capacity - the second time in the past two years that the Court will clarify the President's power to fill government positions. What is the likely outcome?
  • In Ashcroft v. Turkmen, the Court will tackle issues of qualified immunity, pleading requirements, and Bivens in the context of Department of Justice officials' policy decisions made in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. What is the likely result?

Professor Susan Estrich Robert Kingsley Professor of Law and Political Science, USC Gould School of Law

Professor John Eastman Henry Salvatori Professor of Law and Community Service, Former Dean and Director, Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence at Chapman University Law School


Rex S. Heinke, Esq., Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld, LLP
When: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: Beverly Hills Bar Association (Directions, Parking at 241 No. Canon Drive)
$0 - Members of The Order of Distinguished Attorneys
- BHBA Members who pay in advance*
$225 - Non-BHBA Members who pay in advance*
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Committee Co-Chairs | Cynthia Pasternak, Esq. & Nancy Knupfer, Esq.
Program Chair | Linda E. Spiegel, Esq.
* Advanced registration closes 24 hours prior to event time. Registrations received thereafter include a $25 additional fee. Full refund with 48 hours notice. Raincheck with 24 hours notice.

This activity has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 1.5 Hours of Participatory MCLE Credit and the Beverly Hills Bar Association certifies that this activity conforms to the standards for approved education activities prescribed by the rules and regulations of the State Bar of California governing minimum continuing legal education.

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