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IP, Internet, & New Media Section
All the News That's Fake to Print: The Real Implications of Fake News and "Alternative Facts"
Fake news is one of today's hottest and most controversial topics. Fueled by the rise of digital news and social media platforms, changes in the way the public consumes media, and the ease with which individuals can create, disseminate, and monetize content, the widespread and deliberate propagation of misinformation is rapidly developing as a true scourge to society. Our last presidential election may have been impacted by fake news and the persistent characterization of mainstream media as fake news by our President and others threatens to further damage our already beleaguered "fourth branch of government."

So what can and should be done to address fake news? Join the BHBA's IP, Internet, and New Media Section for an in-depth discussion of this timely issue. Topics will include:

* Defining "fake news" and its latest amalgam, "alternative facts";
* The multi-faceted modern fake news phenomenon and its historical context;
* The factors that drive fake news and make it profitable;
* The legal and policy hurdles that arise when attempting to control fake news;
* Efforts by social media and digital platforms such as Google and Facebook to curb the dissemination of fake news; and
* Federal and state legislative efforts to combat fake news.


Brooke Binkowski; Award-Winning Journalist, Managing Editor of

Prof. Eugene Volokh
; UCLA School of Law, Publisher of the Blog "The Volokh Conspiracy"


Jeremy Goldman, Esq.; Partner at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
When: Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (Program at 12:30 pm)
Where: Beverly Hills Bar Association (Directions, Parking at 241 No. Canon Drive)
$0 - Members of The Order of Distinguished Attorneys
- BHBA Members who pay in advance*
$225 - Non-BHBA Members who pay in advance*
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Azita Iskandar, Esq. & Michael Lovitz, Esq. - IP Section Co-Chairs
S. Martin Keleti, Esq. - Vice Chair
Azita Iskandar, Esq. & Jeremy Goldman, Esq. - Program Co-Chairs
* Advanced registration closes24 hours prior to event time. Registrations received thereafter include a $25 additional fee.Full refund with 48 hours notice. Raincheck with 24 hours notice.

This activity has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 1.5 Hours of Participatory MCLE Credit and the Beverly Hills Bar Association certifies that this activity conforms to the standards for approved education activities prescribed by the rules and regulations of the State Bar of California governing minimum continuing legal education.

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