Approved Mediator Panel Instructions and Forms

The following instructions and forms are provided to assist all parties participating in the mediation.


Initiating a Mediation


Pre-Mediation: Instructions and Forms for MEDIATORS

Step 1 - After you have been assigned a case, determine whether you are unable to serve as a mediator due to a conflict of interest or other reason. If there is a conflict, use the following form to notify the BHBA Approved Mediator Panel ( that you are not able to mediate this case.

Step 2 - If you are able to serve as mediator, complete and send the following forms to all Parties participating in mediation, with a copy to BHBA Approved Mediator Panel (

Step 3 - After all forms in Step 2 have been signed and returned to you, you are ready to schedule mediation. With input from all parties, schedule a mutually convenient date, time and location for the mediation and complete the following form and send to all parties.

As soon as both parties have paid their share of mediator fees, BHBA Approved Mediator Panel will notify you that the mediation is confirmed and may proceed as scheduled.


During the Mediation: Instructions and Forms for MEDIATORS

If the parties decide to extend the initial mediation session beyond the reserved time, the parties will be required to provide credit card information prior to the commencement of any such extended time. If the credit card information is not provided prior to the commencement of any extended mediation time, the session/extended session will not go forward.

If all parties wish to extend mediation, ask all parties to complete the following form.

After the mediation is complete, calculate the proportionate share of fees for each party and complete the following form.

If separate private services are required on the same matter, such services shall be considered extended time and proceed according to the policies for extended sessions.

Post Mediation
: Instructions and Forms for MEDIATORS

After the mediation is complete, please use the following forms.