Practice Area Sections & Committees

Beverly Hills Bar Association’s practice area Sections and Committees provide the opportunity to enhance your expertise and your contact list. The 38 active groups span the broad scope of the law, yet each one deals with a key niche area, enabling participants to maximize their membership benefits.

All BHBA members are admitted to The Barristers or Societas Reverenda for free, and are eligible to participate in as many other Sections and Committees and they choose.

Through Section and Committee involvement, you can meet judges and lawyers who share your interests; attend events with peers and expert speakers; deepen your community involvement; and help to improve the law.

Free Admission to The Barristers

Members who have been in practice for ten years or less or are under 37 years of age are automatically admitted to the Barristers. The Barristers offer special programs, social events and community outreach activities geared to newer attorneys.

Free Admission to Societas Reverenda

Members who have been in practice for 25 or more years or are over the age of 55 are automatically admitted to Societas Reverenda. This respected group serves the interests and needs of its members, applies their knowledge and experience, and serves the legal community and the public at large.

Section Admission Dues

To maximize the benefit of BHBA membership, members are encouraged to broaden their involvement through Section and Committee membership.

Barristers: Free
Societas Reverenda: Free
Additional Section Admission: Free for the first two Sections (newly admitted attorneys*; law students; those awaiting bar results)
  $60 for the first two Sections (all other members)
  $25 each Section thereafter
Committee Membership: Free
  *Admitted less than three years.








Section and Committee Governance
Sections and Committees are governed by officers and an executive committee. Continuing education programs and other events are planned at executive committee meetings, which all Sections and Committee members are invited to attend.