Sections and Committees - Committees

Committees and task forces handle matters of interest to all members, without regard to substantive law boundaries. Committee membership, which is free to all BHBA members, provides for added experience, education, recognition and networking – with minimal time commitment.

The committees serve as meeting grounds for attorneys with common interests, and lasting professional relationships are often forged through the work done in committees.

  •  Amicus Briefs - The Amicus Briefs Committee evaluates and recommends to the Executive Committee and Board of Governors the cases in which the Association should take a position as amicus curiae. As well, they oversee preparation of the Association’s briefs for authorized cases.
  • Bench-Bar - Reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors on issues impacting the judiciary, and on relations between the judiciary and the Beverly Hills Bar Association.
  • Blue Car Project - Committee members coordinate and staff the Blue Car Project, an innovative preventive law educational program for high school students. Volunteers use an old blue car as a focal point for teaching tenets of consumer law.
  • Citizens Law School – A free educa­tional program for the general public providing overviews of family law, estate planning, criminal law, traffic, taxation and other issues.
  • Diversity - Works to develop closer relationships with ethnic and specialty bar associations in Los Angeles County and to foster participation of all attorneys in the BHBA.
  • Ethics Committee - This virtual committee meets online to discuss legal ethics and professionalism. The group holds monthly brown bag continuing education programs, and assists Association members with ethical issues.

  • Immigration Committee - Here, attorneys can exchange ideas, discuss practice issues and provide mutual assistance around this complex, diverse practice. Interacts with related Sections on criminal sentencing, family law and corporate law.
  • In-House Counsel Committee - Presents specialized CLE, networking opportunities, legislative advocacy opportunities and professional development workshops for in-house attorneys in small to mid-size organizations.
  • International Law Committee - A forum for networking, legal education and discussion on foreign legal topics such as international trade, intellectual property, transnational environmental treaties, human rights, global security issues and international monetary policy.
  • Law & Justice Committee - Presents community programs relating to the civil and criminal justice system and the legal rights of all members of our diverse community.
  • Lawyer Referral And Information Service - Oversees the BHBA’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service and develops outreach programs to promote the program’s benefits.
  • Legislation Committee - Coor­dinates the legislative activities of the Association and its represen­tative in Sacra­mento. Authors resolu­tions recom­mend­ing proposed legislative changes; reviews resolutions sponsored by other California bar associations; and recom­mends positions to the Board of Gover­nors. Resolutions approved by the Board of Gover­nors are submitted for debate on the floor of the annual State Bar Conference of Delegates. Committee members have preference in selection to BHBA delegation to the Con­ference, which affords the opportunity to work with lawyers across the state to improve California’s laws and legal system. Members also participate in the Associa­tion's annual "Sacra­mento Day" lobbying trip.
  • Social / Networking - The Committee works with BHBA Sections and Committees to develop and hold networking events, and plans other networking opportunities for members.

  • Societas Reverenda - This Master Lawyers Group serves the interests of its members, and applies the knowledge and experience of its members to serve the legal community and the public at large. Societas Reverenda welcomes all lawyers over age 55 or with at least 25 years of practice. 
  • Substance Abuse - The Substance Abuse Coordinator oversees the Association’s chapter of The Other Bar, which assists members dealing with sub­stance abuse. Anyone with substance abuse questions or concerns is urged to contact Andrea Brauer, Substance Abuse Coordinator, (323) 661-2440.