Sections and Committees – Sections

Why are the BHBA’s practice area sections so important? They give you an edge: Up-to-the-minute, “hot topic” legal news and education. Networking with colleagues to solicit potential referrals and trade tips. Schmoozing – for profit and fun.

Our continuing education programs will increase your understanding and elevate your skills, building on your experience and taking your career to the next level.

BHBA continuing legal education seminars, programs and events provide more than 200 such opportunities each year, many held during lunch or dinner at convenient locations.

  • Bankruptcy Law - Covers the substantive practice area of bankrupt­cy law, from the perspec­tives of both creditors and debt­ors.
  • Business Law - Encompasses busi­ness gover­nance, commercial and financial matters, and competi­tive prac­tices. This section provides a solid, broad-based complement to other Sections which address specific business law topics (ie, Intellectual Pro­perty; Internet & New Technologies; Labor; Tax).
  • Conflict Resolution - Deals with arbitration, mediation, private judging, and other dispute resolution matters, and trans­cends all substantive practice boun­daries. 
  • Criminal Law - With criminalization of conduct and criminal sanctions on the rise – and the impact on the business community and civil justice system in continual flux – this popular Section is recommended for all BHBA members.
  • Entertainment Law - The largest entertainment law section in the nation, it addresses issues pertinent to film, television, and music law. Information and events in this section may overlap with that in the Litigation, Business, and Intellectual Property, Internet & New Technologies Sections.
  • Family Law - One of the most active Sections in the Asso­ciation, it encompasses all aspects of family law, including prenuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage, child custody, domestic violence, and more.
  • Labor & Employment Law - Encompasses the state and federal employment law from the perspectives employ­er and em­ployee.
  • Litigation - Covers the traditional substan­tive and procedural law governing adversarial judicial dispute resolu­tion.
  • Trusts & Estates - This Sec­tion and its working committees deal with issues such as estate planning; trust administration; probate of decedents' es­tates; avoidance of probate; and the protection of incom­petents and their assets through guardianships and conservatorships.
    • Elder Law Committee - Specialized programming and study groups in the emerging practice area of elder law, including Medicare and MediCal, long term care, custodial care, and end-of-life planni
    • Trust and Estates Legislative Committee - This committee recommends revisions to the California codes and develops proposed legislation regarding probate and trust law.
  • Real Estate Law - Covers all areas of interest to real estate practi­tioners including acquisi­tion; finance; leasing; eminent domain; and land use (including zoning, Coastal Commission, and CEQA com­pliance). 
  • Solo, Small Firm & Law Practice Management - deals with information crucial to solo practitioners and small firms (2-5 attorneys), including technology; marketing; law office management and automation; client relations; marketing; and HR (attorney and staff recruitment, training, and retention). Office managers, who may join the Association, and managing partners are encouraged to become active in this Section.
  • Taxation - Covers all areas of federal, state, and local taxation. As tax issues affect all other areas of practice, this Section often holds joint meetings with other Sections on topics of mutual interest.
    • Tax Court Pro Se Panel – under the operations of the Taxation committee, volunteer tax attorneys assist taxpayers filing cases and litigating pro se before the United States Tax Court.