Providing grants to fund law school scholarships and law-related education and community service programs since 1970.


The Foundation awards scholarships to academically qualified, economically disadvantaged law students who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to legal public service.

The BHBF Scholarship had a significant impact on my life.
Ibiere N. Seck, who continues long after graduation to volunteer in a South Central legal clinic as a result of the Foundation’s scholarship.

The scholarships are presented to law students from ABA-accredited local schools including UCLA, USC, Loyola, Pepperdine, and Southwestern law schools in a special ceremony at the Annual Supreme Court Luncheon, which, since 1954, has honored the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the California Supreme Court.

Annual Rule of Law Writing Competition

The Beverly Hills Bar Foundation, with a history of over 50 years of scholarship support for law students in Southern California, awards the Annual Rule of Law Writing Competition Scholarship for a written work that promotes appreciation and understanding of the rule of law. The competition encourages law students to integrate Rule of Law concepts into their writings, but does not seek any particular point of view on the Rule of Law.

5th Annual Rule of Law Competition (2013-2014)

Historically, the Beverly Hills Bar Association and Foundation and have been closely tied to Rule of Law issues. The Beverly Hills Bar Foundation’s Fifth Annual Rule of Law Competition will culminate at the Bar’s 60th Annual Supreme Court Luncheon on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 with the awarding of a $2,500 prize to the winning law student.

This competition encourages law students to integrate Rule of Law concepts into their writings. Papers may be on any topic either directly discussing an aspect of the Rule of Law, demonstrating how the Rule of Law affected the topic, defining the Rule of Law, criticizing the Rule of Law, or demonstrating the economic social or political effects of the Rule of Law.

Entries can be on virtually any topic, but must include a discussion of how the topic relates to the Rule of Law. The Competition seeks to encourage awareness and the study of the effects of the Rule of Law on legal, social and economic aspects of society.

Entries on diverse topics are welcomed. For example, comments on gun control, judicial independence, immigration enforcement or enforcement of securities regulations all relate to one or more aspects of the Rule of Law and would be eligible for the competition. While some entries may seek to define or analyze the Rule of Law itself, most are expected to emphasize only a single aspect of the Rule of Law, such as access to justice, fair laws, fair administration, fair courts or independent judicial review. By encouraging entries from disparate areas, the competition attempts to demonstrate the value of the Rule of Law as a tool to analysis of any legal subject.

Most learned papers that a student writes in law school will relate strongly to some aspect of the ROL: fair laws, fair courts, fair administration, access, independent judicial review. By adding an explanation of how the rule of law is involved, you can havean eligible entry. Please see the website for details and contact information: Rule of Law Competition.

The Rule of Law Writing Competition was initiated by former BHBF and BHBA President, Kenneth G. Petrulis; his firm, Goodson Wachtel and Petrulis, APC, is the donor of these awards.Rules, topics and materials for the 5th Annual Rule of Law Writing Competition click Rule of Law Competition.