Advocating to improve the function and administration of law in our society is – and always has been – an integral component of the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s core mission.

As such, the Legislation Committee (LegComm) works closely with the BHBA Sections to identify legislative needs. Together, they review, analyze and draft pertinent resolutions; participate in the annual Sacramento Day; and send a delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations’ (CCBA) annual meeting.

In the last 10 years, BHBA’s members have made law more than a dozen times through their work with Legislation Committee and the CCBA.

Each year at the CCBA assembly, our delegation and others debate and vote on resolutions, some of which go on to the State Legislature where they find sponsors and, eventually, become law.

BHBA Leads Prop 8 Amicus Brief Filing in U.S. Supreme Court BHBA Leads Prop 8 Amicus Brief Filing in U.S. Supreme Court
The BHBA has taken a leadership role on Prop 8 and the issue of same-sex marriage, from the early days of the case through the recent U.S. Supreme Court hearings. Our initial amicus brief, which drew wide support, focused on the important constitutional issues raised by the California case. Our most recent brief (filed in February, 2013) goes beyond the work of many others, by focusing not only on equality, but also on the rational basis of the case. To date, some 28,000 total attorneys from around the state have signed this influential brief.

Community Justice and Pro Bono Work
Less formally, we consistently and extensively advocate for justice in our local communities through our pro bono and charitable works. We’re proud of our organization’s history of working to bring about needed change. For more information and to get involved in the BHBA’s important advocacy efforts, contact Michael Sohigian at

Statement Regarding The Government of Brunei

Statement Regarding The Government of Brunei

The Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA) announced on May 6, 2014 that it has cancelled all upcoming programs and events at the Beverly Hills Hotel. To read more, click here.