Find the Right Attorney Today!

Find the Right Attorney Today!

Please follow these instructions carefully to request a referral to an attorney.

1. Complete this form in its entirety. When you describe what happened, be as detailed as possible to help our staff to connect you to a lawyer best suited to fit your legal needs.

2. After your information is processed, we will email you the attorney’s name and contact information.

3. You may then contact the attorney directly to arrange a consultation.

4. In order to speak with a qualified LRIS operator over the phone to discuss your legal needs prior to checking the availability of an attorney to consult with you, you will need to pay the $35 fee by debit or credit card. To pay by cashier’s check or money order, complete the Request an Attorney form and mail it along with your payment. After your payment is processed you may contact us by phone to discuss your legal needs and get a referral to an attorney. **You DO NOT have to pay a fee for a referral to an attorney – For a FREE referral please select the “FREE, Online Self-Service Referral to an Attorney” option.**

Please note that the BHBA Lawyer Referral and Information Service does not offer pro bono or free attorneys. If you are seeking pro bono or free attorney representation then please call the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles at (800) 399-4529 or Public Counsel at (213) 385-2977.